Asthma Maintenance

Asthma Maintenance

With the recent concern of COVID-19 in our communities Pathway Pediatrics has increased guidance for our asthmatic population. Our team is working diligently to assess the need for a customized ASTHMA MAINTENANCE PLAN for each of our patients.

We are currently offering TELEHEATH visits with one of our providers to develop your child’s asthma maintenance plan. The current recommendations for asthma follow up are every 3-6 months for children who are well controlled. For those patients who are not well controlled visits at 2-6 week intervals are recommended.

Your child’s customized plan will give you specific instructions for treatment and care during each stage of illness.

We recommend your custom plan be placed in the common living area, such as the refrigerator, of your home so that any family member can assist your child if needed.

Below you’ll find an example of what a typical plan includes:

Give one of our licensed nurses a call to talk through any questions you may have about your child’s asthma needs or to schedule your Asthma telehealth visit today.