We use a medical ear piercing system. The benefit to having you or your child’s ear pierced at Pathway Pediatrics is that you know you are receiving professional care from one of our trained registered nurses, using sterile technique. You have ready access to follow-up evaluation for any questions, problems or concerns.


Ear Piercing FAQs
Is ear piercing recommended?

Ear piercing is a procedure done mainly for cosmetic reasons.  There is no health reasons to get your ears pierced and most people get their ears pierced do to personal or cultural preferences.

Why have your child’s ears pierced at Pathway Pediatrics?

We provide a safe, hygienic and professional alternative to mall kiosks and tattoo parlors.  Our registered nurses are experienced in aseptic techniques, and provide quality ear piercing.

What type of ear piercings do you offer?

We only do earlobe piercings. This is the safest place to pierce with the lowest incidence of complications. We do not pierce any other part of the ear or any other part of the body.

What is the cost for this service?

$40 for our current Pathway Pediatrics patients. $50 if non-patients.

How early can I get my child’s ears pierced?

We recommend you wait until your child has received her first set of immunizations by the age of two months.  We require that the child be up to date on their immunizations and that a immunization form be brought at the time of the visit.

Do you use a piercing gun?

No. Our instrument is a medical grade piercer. EVERY part of the instrument that comes in contact with the ears is disposable. The earrings are packaged singly and are completely encapsulated so there is no cross contamination whatsoever.

How long should I keep the ear piercing earrings on for?

6 weeks. This is how long it will take an ear lobe piercing to heal. You should wear earrings in your newly pierced ears for the first year as this will prevent the diameter of the hole from shrinking.

What are the risks of ear piercing?

Infection – anytime the skin is broken there is the risk of infection. We use sterile techniques to prevent this.  Our patient education material provides detailed instructions on after-care for the ear lobes. Our technique is bloodless and our single-use sterile cartridges eliminates cross-contamination.

Can my child swim after ear piercing?

Chlorine and the bacteria in unchlorinated waters may both irritate your newly pierced ears.  It is recommend that you wait 2-3 weeks after your piercing.